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ProjectSyndicate de Der Erzeugungsprozess muss in allen Phasen durch Dokumentation der Eingangs- und Ausgangsprodukte überwacht werden en Madam President, this proposal by the European Commission is confirmation and proof positive of the hardline, in our view, single-minded approach which colours all Union policy and which is perfectly illustrated in the Stability Agreement, the application of which is already speeding up apace. EurLex-2 de Fahr zur Hölle en It is therefore clear - not least because we will talk later about rare earths in the following debate - that innovation, raw materials and industrial policy are all part of a single strategy, and, to my mind, the revision of the Small Business Act also forms part of the same strategy. EurLex-2 de Geografische Angaben sind nur zulässig en In view of the growing importance of culture for European society and the challenges facing the Community at the dawn of the 21st century, it is important to increase the effectiveness and consistency of Community measures in the cultural field by proposing a single guidance and programming framework for the period tobearing in mind the need for the Community policies concerned to take greater account of culture; in this respect, the Council Decision of 22 September regarding the future of European cultural action 5 calls on the Commission to make proposals with a view to establishing a single instrument for programming and financing aimed at the implementation of Article of the Single mindedness define.

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Ausruf Mindedness ist ein Substantiv. Hier klicken, um die automatische Übersetzung der Definition auf Deutsch zu sehen.

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