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März - Ort: Campus Belval, Better single than taken for granted des Sciences Humaines, Black Box 11, Porte des Sciences L Esch-sur-Alzette Collaboration cannot be taken for granted in a scientific environment where scholars strive for a sound reputation and compete for jobs, research grants or publication opportunities. However, participating in science has become more and more a matter of teamwork than the business of a lone wolf. This contribution examines whether scientific collaboration, as indicated by the number of publications with coauthors, is associated with a more successful scientific career than publishing as a single author, and whether a cooperation norm can be observed regarding coauthorship in science. We propose and discuss three theoretical approaches which we deem relevant for understanding collaboration and coauthorship in science: 1 exchange and game theory, which we 2 complement with network theory and 3 contrast with perspectives of new institutionalism.

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Trotz positiver Kritiken war das Album insgesamt kommerziell kein Erfolg. Anfang des Jahres wurde der Vertrag mit Go! Beat Records wieder aufgelöst, da Sia von der Promotion enttäuscht war.

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Ein Beitrag von Natalie Prolman 6. Throughout her pregnancy, my mother was safe and healthy, and surrounded by excellent doctors and a supportive family. I believe that ALL mothers deserve to have that kind of experience.

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